UpHolland Community Band


1. Name

The band is to be known as the UpHolland Community Band, hereafter referred to as the Band.


2. Purpose

a. To play all types of music within the wind/concert band repertoire and to develop a quality band that is an asset to the local community.

b. To enable musicians of all ages to come together and make music for the enjoyment of themselves and others, and to provide a welcoming, friendly, encouraging and inclusive atmosphere for its members.

c. To strive continuously to improve each individual's understanding and performance and, in turn, the overall standard of the Band.


3. Membership


Membership is open to anyone who, in the judgement of the conductor, can demonstrate proficiency on a band instrument commensurate with the level of the Band's repertoire and who is prepared to comply with the membership policies of the Band as may be updated from time to time.


4. Management Committee


a. At an Annual General Meeting members shall elect:-


A Chairman

Safeguarding Officer

Those elected shall hold office until the next AGM and are eligible for re-election.

b. This committee shall carry out the administration of the Band's affairs with the Band's year running from 1st January - 31st December.

c. A minimum of three Committee meetings shall be called during the year and four members shall form a quorum with the Chairman having a casting vote.

d. The Committee may appoint persons to carry out specific duties necessary for the efficient running of the Band.


5. Officers and Duties

a. Chairman

i.  To co-ordinate the operations of the Band.
ii. To convene and chair Committee meetings, the Annual General Meeting and extraordinary general   meetings.
iii.To set the agenda for these meetings.
iv. Oversee the other executive positions.

v.  To be a co-signatory of the Band's bank account.

b. Conductor

i.  To conduct the Band in rehearsal and in performance.
ii. To select and acquire programme material.
iii. To advise the Committee on matters related to the musical performance and purpose of the Band.
iv. To make artistic decisions in consultation with the Committee.

v.  To be a co-signatory of the Band's bank account.


c. Secretary

i. To be the first point of contact for future engagements
ii. To help negotiate and agree dates for performances
iii. To compile and circulate an up to date detailed list of future engagements.

iv. To issue correspondence on behalf of the Band.
v. To take minutes of all meetings.
vi. To maintain a file of minutes and other significant correspondence.
vii. To convene meetings and issue agendas as requested by the chairman.
viii. To be a co-signatory of the Band's bank account.


d. Treasurer

i. To administer the Band's finances.
ii. To maintain accurate accounts and records.
iii. To be a co-signatory at the bank.
iv. To prepare the books once a year for inspection.


e. Safeguarding Officer

i. To ensure the safety of all children under the age of 16 years at rehearsals and performances.
ii. To apply for necessary "performers' licenses" for events in which children take part in accordance with Local Authority requirements.

iii. To ensure that those adults responsible for children under the age of 16 have undergone the appropriate DBS checks.

iv. To ensure the safety and well-being of all adults at rehearsals and performances.


6. Rules

The Band has few rules in addition to those dictated by common sense and responsible behaviour, but members are expected to give a high level of availability for rehearsals and engagements, to notify the Conductor and Chairman in good time of unavoidable absences and to adhere to whatever dress code may be in force at the time.

7. Equal Opportunities

No individual shall be excluded from joining the Band or holding any office on the grounds of sex, race, colour, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

8. Data Protection and Privacy

The committee ensure that they shall abide by their Data Protection and Privacy policies (available to view on the Band website)


9. Dissolution

In the event of the Band being wound up any assets remaining, after the payment of debts and liabilities, shall be transferred to a charitable institution or institutions with similar objects to those of the Band. Disbandment requires a simple majority vote at a general meeting.